Simple. Pure. Delicious.

Lärabar was founded by female entrepreneur Lara Merriken in 2000 to provide people with delicious tasting ‘food made from food’ and is now a household name in the USA and beyond, with a huge celebrity fan base!

With Lärabar, less is moreish, which is why we make every tasty and convenient bar with only what is really delicious and absolutely necessary. There are no more than six ingredients in any product, and each one is a magical combination of delicious fruits and natural nuts that lift the spirit with every bite.

The perfect partner for yoga sessions, urban hikes and trips to food markets and music festivals, the whole ingredients, such as nuts and apples, in every Lärabar support a life on the go so that people can fully be in every moment.  Plus, all Lärabar varieties are vegan, gluten-free, and contain no added sugar or added flavours!

Lärabar’s three products will be widely available in the UK from supermarkets and online stores as well as independent retailers from January 2019!