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Betty Crocker™

The most trusted name in the kitchen since 1921.

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Let's get baking!

Quality, taste and convenience have made Betty Crocker™ a consistent favourite with consumers in the United Kingdom since 1921.

In the UK, rapid growth in the past few years means that Betty Crocker™ is now No. 1 in the baking mixes category.

Our simple-to-prepare cakes, muffins and other products are all about ease – and guaranteed family togetherness.

Parents and children can both play a role in the simple preparation of high-quality products that everyone can enjoy.

Betty Crocker™ offers a broad product line that includes devil’s food cake, chocolate fudge brownies, blueberry muffins and cookies.

This established brand is sold throughout the world, signaling dependable quality to consumers.

Although she's not a real person, in 1945 Betty Crocker™ was voted the second-most recognisable female in the United States after the president’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt.

If it’s made in a kitchen, Betty Crocker’s got you covered.

The brand that’s part of the family. From baked goods to salads, breakfast to snacks, Betty Crocker’s impressive lineup of dependably delicious products have been trusted in the kitchen since 1921.

Betty Crocker™ offers an extensive lineup of simple, reliable products, but the recipes and kitchen expertise is what makes her a household name.

A little bit more about Betty

In 1921 Betty Crocker™ began answering questions about baking by letter. And from letters and radio to cookbooks and television, to the establishment of, her aim has stayed true: to inspire home cooks across the world.

  • Big Red makes everyone a foodie

    In 2016, the 12th edition of Betty’s “big red” cookbook was launched.

  • Why not ask Betty?

    Betty’s been answering kitchen questions since 1921. Today, you can ask her questions online.

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