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Ho, ho, ho, Green Giant™!

Green Giant™ was born in the US in 1903 and his name became a registered trademark in 1925. The brand arrived in the UK in the early 60s and became the first brand to market sweet corn.

In 1977, a plant was set up in Southern France to supply Europe, and where a farmers' cooperative still grows Green Giant™ sweet corn for today's consumers. With carefully chosen seeds, Green Giant™ offers very-high quality GMO-free sweet corn.

When consumers think of sweet corn, they think of Green Giant™*. About one in five households in the UK buys Green Giant™, resulting in more than 55 percent market share for the brand**.

The Green Giant™ brand name also includes specialty vegetables such as asparagus, hearts of palm, baby cobs and creamed style corn.

Since the 1960s, Green Giant™ has provided consumers with the vegetables they need for a healthy, well-balanced diet and has helped them get one of their 5 A Day government-recommended portions of fruit and vegetables.

* Nielsen panel data, Total GB, 52 week ending to 10th September 2022
** Nielsen EPOS, Total Coverage including Discounters, 52 week ending to 27th August 2022

More than high quality. These veggies are giant quality.

Green Giant™ peas were bigger, tastier and more tender than any variety of pea before it. Today, Green Giant™ holds every one of our canned or frozen vegetable options to that very same standard.

Although Green Giant™ is available in the U.S. General Mills manages and operates the Green Giant™ business outside of North America. You will find these tasty vegetables in markets in the United Kingdom,  Australia, and many more!


With lots of veggies to choose from, Green Giant™ has something for everyone. See some of our great product options below.

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